Archaeological Site

House of the Itzáes

It has magnicent architectural groups such as the Great Acropolis, and great buildings, especially the so-called Five Floors. Their habitants developed a complex hydraulic system that allowed them to have water all year round. It became a powerful regional capital between the years 400 and 1000.

•     Specialists point out that here the calendars used during the Classic period in the north and south of the Mayan area were adjusted.

•    Some of the crops detected in this area are corn, pumpkin, amaranth, nopal, cassava and chili, whose use dates from before our era.

The Mayans of Edzná created a city that, over time, allows us to see the control of the environment and the development of various architectural styles.

The site is located 55 km southeast of the city of San Francisco de Campeche.


Monday to Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Last
access 16:30 hrs



DISTANCE - Hotel plaza Campeche Archaeological Site

Estimated time of arrival at the archaeological site 48 minutes by car

Schedule & notes


  • Leave Hotel Plaza Campeche at 8 AM on Friday, January 12th
  • Arrive at the archeological site around 9 AM
  • Guided tour at archeological site from 9-11 AM


  • The planning committee will organize transportation to the field trip site. On the registration page, you will have the option of participating in the local field trip.
  • On the registration page, participants can choose to return
    1) directly to the Campeche airport (anticipated arrival around 12:30 PM), the town, or
    the hotel
    2) directly to the Merida airport (anticipated arrival around 2:30 PM), or
    3) back to Campeche later than the rest of the group (if you would like to stay longer
    than the guided tour at the archeological site)
  • If you choose to return to Hotel Plaza Campeche on January 12, please indicate on the registration page if you will need transportation back to the airport on January 13. Please also note that we only have rooms reserved through January 12 you will be responsible for contacting Hotel Plaza Campeche to book your own hotel room for January 12-13.

Local field trip fee covers transportation and access to the site.