Campeche is

An ideal place to live an experience full of wonder, generosity and placidity. Since the sixteenth century this land of deep contrasts was the subject of fantastic stories in the mouths of people eager for adventure and riches, the dream of the traveler.
In the limits of the territory of the state of Campeche was located a part of the Mayan civilization, one of the most important cultures that populated the American continent.
The Mayans founded their villages that became ceremonial centers characterized by the existence of a priestly organization and the worship of the gods, highlighting in the entity the sites of Calakmul (recently named: “Cultural Heritage of Humanity”). X’pujil , Chicanná, Becán, Hormiguero, Acalan, Jaina and Edzná among others. Later in the year of 1942 marks the meeting of two cultures, with the discovery of America the concepts and structure of the Old World were transformed. During the colony, the port of Campeche stood out as a point of connection with abroad. What allowed the economic boom and population growth, Campeche became the target of pirate attacks, corsairs endorsed by the crowns of England, France and Holland that devastated the entity.

Between 1610 and 1704 the construction of the fortication of the port began, but the bastions and the walls were completed until 1769. An important attraction of Campeche is its gastronomy: result of the fusion of Mayan, Spanish and Caribbean cuisines being unique for its presentation, aroma and flavor that surrounds the senses. At present, the geographical environment of Campeche covers continental and insular lands, rivers, lakes, and seas, included in an area of 56 126 km2.

The city of Campeche is the capital of the state, and it is in it where the most beautiful of the testimonies of the colonial era of the state is located, its historic center named: “Cultural Heritage of Humanity”. There is nothing like touring the historic monumental area, walking along its neat and clean sidewalks through its cobbled streets on a hidden urban infrastructure, without advertisements or signs covering its balconies, doors, and windows, admiring the patios and arches of the colonial houses, and eating some delicious regional dish in any downtown restaurant, admiring the colonial architecture of our state

Weather and attire

The usual weather in the city of San Francisco de Campeche during January is:

Minimum temperature

24° C

75° F

Maximum temperature

27° C

81° F

Moderate rain

Dios de la lluvia

25° C (77° F) onwards it is appropriate for short-sleeved shirts (although it is a good idea to have a light jacket on hand), shorts or lighter leggings, and summer jeans. It is the perfect climate for palazzos; they're cool but they protect you from the wind.

In general, at night it tends to get colder when the maximum temperature goes from 25° to 30° (77° to 86° F), so try to have a jacket for when it cools down.

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Hotel plaza Campeche

It is in the Historic Centre of the city and port of Campeche, in front of San Martin Park. The hotel is strategically located in the center of all commercial, cultural, and tourist activities in the city, many of which are as close as a 10 to 15-minute walk.

We have rooms reserved for the retreat from January 8-12. If you are arriving before January 8 or leaving after January 12, you will need to contact Mexico Logistic Team at or WhatsApp +52 777 914 0357 to reserve your hotel room. Please also select the appropriate transportation options on the registration page if you are arriving before January 8th and/or departing after January 12th.

Hotel Plaza Campeche, C. 10 126, Zona Centro, 24000 Campeche, Camp.
83 rooms
52 (981) 8119900
From January 8th onwards

You can get to the city of San Francisco de Campeche by flying to either of these airports:

Eng. Albert International
Airport – Plaza Campeche Hotel

Estimated time by car 14 minutes

Merida International Airport, 97255 Merida,
Yuc. - Hotel Plaza Campeche

Estimated time by car 1 hour 54 minutes